Data Storage Technologies

Aero Influx Services Pvt Ltd has been providing outsourced product development services in data storage technologies to world leaders in since Jan 2000. Network Attached Storage (NAS) related development is one of the strongest areas of expertise of Aero Influx Services Pvt Ltd .

Having handled large and complex projects and participated in all aspects of product development, our extensive experience ranges across a variety of systems, protocols and applications:

NAS - Network Attached Storage

NAS is prime forte of Azwen. We have long design and development experience on multiple NAS products, some of them being:

An Enterprise NAS Appliance Product

» One of the best NAS Appliance Product.
» Executed projects in several key areas of the embedded Operating Systems, from low level kernel subsystems, protocols, to systems management using CLI and Web based User Interfaces.
» Handled high priority short term project along with long and continuous development release cycles.
» Architected, held complete ownership and responsibility of Quotas Sub-System and File Level Retention area
» Implemented several innovative features, resulting in to five Patent Applications

NFS Server on Windows

» Developed NFS server on Windows

Web based NAS Management

» Implemented a Web based NAS Management System to configure and manage a NAS/SAN Appliance

SAN: Storage Area Networks

» File Systems
» Virtual File System
» Unix File System
» Quotas Subsystem
» File Level Retention
» File Mapped Volumes and File Systems
» Extended Attributes

Storage Subsystems

» LVM - Logical Volume Manager
» RAID Technology
» Virtualization

Data Protection

» CDP - Continuous Data Protection
» Volume Replication » Volume Shapshots » Logical Volume Management


Storage Management Initiative - Specification (SMI-S) and CIM Web based UI

Other Consulting

Standards Conformance Analysis
Storage Capacity Planning and Management
File System Performance Benchmarking