ODC at Azwen
Offshore Development Center (ODC) has been a very popular term and engagement model. The benefits of an ODC, at Azwen, are

Dedicated Project Teams:
We staff/build the project teams with 'hand picked', motivated, engineers, who are suitable for long term assignments. The most important challenge is of recruitment and considering the current state of employment market, the challenges to all companies, large and small, are similar.

The teams built at Azwen are of higher quality. These teams also have a better retention by due to flexible and better pay/benefits package.

Strong and Better Support foundation:
Azwen has a strong support foundation to sustain growth and have following well established departments:
» HR/Recruitment
» Accounts and Finance, Legal
» General Administration
» IT Infrastructure

All the organizations are process driven with several automated tools in place. Our smaller size also enables personal attention to the employees’ needs and issues for a quicker resolution.

Outsourced Product Development
This option is well known about tactical outsourcing; while the client concentrates on the most important aspects of the product, R&D and Marketing/Sales, the entire responsibility of product development right from design to delivery and support/maintenance is outsourced. This enables the clients to focus on their core competencies and get the software development from companies who have resources and expertise.

Azwen offers carrying out the entire responsibility as well as is open to work on certain aspects, say, just the development and QA. We have ample experience in this area having handled large projects from companies like EMC Corp. Azwen has a long term vision to continue in the software services business and aims to build a strong relationship with clients.

Build, Operate and Transfer
The Build, Operate and Transfer (BoT) model benefits companies who wish to launch their offshore operations, in a quick manner, without having to go through the initial setup processes them self, let the team be built and operated and later to optionally get complete Control and Ownership after a pre-defined time or size criteria is reached.

The benefits of BOT are well known, like, scalability, short-term cost and risk avoidance, productivity, etc.

Joint Venture
The goal of a Joint Venture is generally to work towards a "win-win" deal where both organizations hope to benefit from the each other's strengths. By capitalizing on the strengths of the local player like Azwen, the client company can mitigate some of the risks of internalization; similarly, Azwen can benefit from partnering with clients and gets an opportunity to scale up the value chain.

Though this is less frequently used approach, Azwen is open to engage in this model in case of a right opportunity and good product/service idea.