Network management is a service that employs a variety of tools, applications and devices to help network managers in monitoring and maintaining networks. Since the 1980s, after businesses started going global, need for distributed networking arose significantly. Today, this need grows exponentially with introduction of new technologies and devices which get connected to each other via networks. Technological development in devices as well as services and instant data availability requirements require robust networks and devices within the network to cater to all requests for data access from various geographical locations and devices.

Aero Influx Services Pvt Ltd has several years of experience in designing and implementing network management solutions for their customers. Performance management, configuration management, feature development and integration, fault monitoring and security management are some of the projects which we have worked on.

In a nutshell, Aero Influx Services Pvt Ltd provides the following services

» Network performance management and monitoring
» Statistics gathering and report generation
» Feature development for specific requirements in SNMP using TL1, CLI, UI protocols
» Security management involving access control, identifying sensitive network resources, monitoring of user access and authorization