Azwen Providing Greener Services
We have just one Earth to live and it’s our duty to take care of her. Since recently we have started getting aware of the damages done by mankind and the imposing threats of modernization. Ozone hole, Global Warming, etc. are just some of the symptoms; we have to treat the root cause.

We at Azwen believe that we can contribute in whatever small way to alleviate the problem and have been working towards the goal of becoming green. We have defined policies for adapting efficient resource usage practices; a Green Committee is formed that conducts awareness sessions and encourages Azwen members to follow and help the social responsibility.

Optimum Power Consumption

Computer Equipment
» Purchase energy saving Desktops with LCD monitors
» Switching off Monitors/Machines while not in use

» Use of natural lighting as much as possible
» Switched off Unneeded lights
» Use of CFLs with apt ratings
» Common areas, passages are optimally lighted

Air Conditioning
» Switch off A/Cs when not needed
» Avoid setting too low temperatures
» Use of innovative mechanism to channel hot air out of the labs

Curb Phantom Electricity
» Laptop adapters, cell phone chargers, equipment that have stand-by mode are switched off when not needed

» Installing timers for automatic switch-off

Virtualization » Virtualized Desktops/Engineering setups for development and testing
» Virtualized servers for reducing Data Center hardware redundancy and increasing energy efficiency

Optimal Printing
» Print on both sides of paper, use econo-mode
» Re-use backsides of printed documents as scribble pads or for other set of prints
» Re-use printer toner cartridge

Reuse, Recycle
» Recycled material wherever possible
» Use of Reusable cutlery